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Tel : 0086-29-87322633
Fax : 0086-29-87322887
Email : huanyu@shaanxislate.com
Add : Room 2153 NO.2 Qilin Building #8 Qing Nian 2 Xiang Lianhu XI'AN 710003 CHINA
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About Us

HUANYU SLATE IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTD is a professional company handling natural slate in China and export aboard over the world. We run our own slate quarry in south of Shaanxi Province, China where the best quality of roofing slate comes from and have national wide netwoke over Chine for flooring slate and slab.


The slate quarry we are operating produce the best quality of blue gray slate and blue black slate. We can provide consistent quality slate and on time shipment from our own quarry.


Blue gray and blue black slates were extracted from sedimentary rock from 300 to 400million year’s old slate deposits. They are acknowledged as one of the finest quality slates in the world that conform to BS680, ASTM C406 S1 and EN12326 standards.


Slate from the block taking from the rock to final products is organized well by our Quality Control Management.  We inspect every piece of slate at workshop and make sure that the slate meets the full requirements before shipping.


We produce all range of roofing slate with size from 12 to 24 and all width.


Flooring slate is also our main products. We carry various colors and sizes of flooring slate. We can assure you that the slates you order from us will delivery consistent quality, strength and lasting beauty. And all the slates you ordered will be delivery in a very short time since we have our own quarries which they also have the enrich experiences and the perfect skill. Every piece will be exported to you after strict inspection. All the colors and dimensions are available.


Quality, quality and quality, this is what we are doing in our production line and keep in mind of the quality is our life and it is the final winner in the market. We carry out the quality control management in all our production line to ensure our customer of long time cooperation.


Samples can be provided upon request.


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We are contacted by:

T: 0086-29-87322633  / 87322655

F: 0086-29-87322887

Email: huanyu@shaanxislate.com/ huanyu@chineseslate.cn